squircleI teach upper division courses with 15 to 20 students in square rooms that have 40 chair-desks. I often sit with the students as we discuss class materials. When I first starting teaching, I would ask for them to form a circle with their chair-desks, so that we could all see each other as we spoke. A few years ago, I started asking students to squircle, rather than circle, as they could never quite make a circle in a square room. Now, when I shout, squircle, some students find it amusing – others are probably just annoyed that they will now need to participate in class discussion. Other faculty in my department also find it amusing, as their students ask them if they should squircle during discussion.

When I just searched Google with the term “squircle”, I found much more information that I anticipated, including the mathematical formulas for finding the area of a squircle. I do not take credit for the original creation of this compound.

Hume-or-ism – Squircle