I began collecting relevant information on the views, critiques, and any other sources about Patrick Tierney’s book Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon in October, 2000. While some of the information is indexed within search engines, I find it difficult to find up-to-date articles and often the search engines do not index the relevant material in an orderly manner. My goal with this web site is to provide the most up-to-date information that can be found on the internet in one place in a searchable and sequential way.

Soon after I began making links to web pages with information that pertains to this issue, I found that many links were expiring. I also found many sources of information require a user password or to sign up for a service. Since this is for information purposes, those links that have expired or those that require a password will be linked to copies of the documents that I have made.

I do not state an opinion or take sides on the ‘scandal’. I created this web site so that those who are interested in the ‘scandal’ may find information to make their own decision about who is telling the truth, what actually happened, and what should be done. Since I collect all of the information that I can find, I have not nor intend to read all of the relevant literature contained within this web site. I scan the content of the documents for applicability towards the issues, but my teaching and research will not allow me to take the time to read and reflect upon the issues. I believe that there are others who are more qualified by either experience with the Yanomamö or with the key players in the ‘scandal’ that should be stating opinions about the matter.

As more information becomes available concerning Tierney’s book, Napoleon Chagnon, James V. Neel or others accused by Tierney, I will add it to this list of ever growing documents. At this moment, most of the information that is available on the web is passed along by word of mouth; so if you have any informative links or any of the links on this site become inactive, please contact me.