Announcing my recently published article that analyzes the Darkness in El Dorado archive documents: Darkness in Academia: Cultural Models of How Anthropologists and Journalists Write About Controversy (World Cultures eJournal 21[1]).

This portion of my website is dedicated to providing a place to find information about Patrick Tierney’s Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon–a clearinghouse for information, not to further a particular view of any of the arguments that Tierney’s book has fueled.

Please let me know if you know of any sources of information (news articles, statements, links, etc.) that I have not included. If you have any information available, which is not included on this site, please contact me.

General Information

  • Introduction A brief introduction to this web site with information on contacting me.
  • Biographies A collection of links and information that form a biographical sketch of several of the key players in the Darkness in El Dorado scandal.
  • Teaching Resources A collection of assignments that can be used for classes and by students that I have suggested through emails that enable examination of the controversies surrounding the book Darkness in El Dorado..
  • Bibliography A growing bibliography of resources on the Yanomamö, Darkness in El Dorado, Patrick Tierney, Napoleon Chagnon, and James Neel.

Archived Resources

  • Recent Additions Several people have suggested that a way to know what items have been added most recently would be a good addition to this site. As of February 20, I will be adding each new addition here in order of date added.
  • Blog Posts Blog posts, mostly concerning the impact of Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes — The Yanomamö and the Anthropologists by Napoleon Chagnon.
  • Book Reviews Reviews, either online or published, of Darkness in El Dorado.
  • Email Threads A number of email statements by various authors and several threads from discussion lists about the ‘scandal’.
  • Film Reviews Reviews, either online or published, of Secrets of the Tribe.
  • Journal & News Articles An up to date list of both academic and news articles and that have appeared in journals, magazines, newspapers, and electronic news sources around the world about the ‘scandal’.
  • Past Information Past news items and other information that pre-dates the scandal concerning Patrick Tierney, Napoleon Chagnon, James Neel, and/or the Yanomamö.
  • Position Statements The position statements of the University of California, Santa Barbara; University of Michigan; American Anthropological Association; the International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES); W. W. Norton Publishers (Patrick Tierney); organizations in Venezuela, Brazil, and other countries; and several individuals.
  • History and Education in the Circulation of Ethnographic Knowledge in the Amazon: the Yanomami Controversy, a Decade Later I participated in a session about the Darkness in El Dorado controversy at the 2010 American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, in New Orleans.